Atasehir Laser Epilation

Atasehir Laser Epilation

As Atasehir Laser Epilation Center, we are proud to serve our distinguished customers. The unwanted hair, which is an aesthetic problem for both women and men, is no longer a problem thanks to our expert team. You can also get rid of unwanted hair thanks to laser epilation in these days when you are approaching the summer, enjoying summer with confidence in your favorite clothes.

What is Laser Epilation?

Laser epilation reaches hair roots and reaches pigment called melanin in hair root and is absorbed by this pigment. The specific amount of heat that occurs at the hair root is enough to destroy the hair root. If the bristle is exposed to this heat for a certain period of time, your hair roots will disappear completely and your hair will be permanently rid of it.


Why Should I Prefer Laser Epilation?


The problem of excessive hairiness can occur due to many factors and can turn our lives into nightmare. Excess hair growth can be due to hormonal disorders, as well as from herbal medicines and hereditary properties.


Many women are unable to wear the desired clothes because of unwanted hair, and feel uneasy in terms of aesthetics. Not only for women, but also for the unwanted hair in men, especially in the back region of the extreme and can be uncomfortable for men. Today, various methods are used to get rid of unwanted hair. The most common ones are wax, razor, creams and so on. . Unfortunately, none of these methods allow you to get rid of unwanted hair permanently.


For this reason, laser epilation is the preferred method in that it is the definitive solution to unwanted hair and is a painless method. Laser therapy for years has been safely used in many medical treatments including eye surgery, one of the most sensitive organs.


What are Laser Epilation Types?

Today, the most commonly used laser types for epilation are 3 types. For the epilation to be more successful and to give definite result, the appropriate method is preferred. How will you decide which method is right for you? Before doing epilation, the expert should examine the skin and hair structure and determine the optimal method for the person. The evaluation of the epilation process will increase both the success rate and the potential for side effects.

Atasehir Laser Epilation  Devices

Alexandrite Laser Epilation Device: Light skin is the kind of laser that should be used in people with color. The device offers a practical and effective laser epilation method that allows the hair to move away from the skin immediately after epilation. In this respect, it becomes a laser method which increases the customer satisfaction.

The negative side of the Alexandrite laser method is also there. The use of this technique in people with dark skin color should not be preferred in these people, as this increases the likelihood of side effects occurring. It is also suggested not to use these areas even in people with open skin coloring, as it can cause the increase of fine-structured fur using in areas such as the neck region and the face region.

Diode Laser Epilation Device: The wavelength is longer than other laser devices. Because of this reason, dark skin can be used in people with color. Effective results can be achieved for the duration of the treatment, since it is a lether epilation method for reducing unwanted hair.

Nd: Fat Laser Epilation Device: This laser epilation device has been developed with the intention of stopping the hair problem in dark people. Usage area is limited. The reason for this is that the process is quite painful. Because of this negative feature, it has become a method which is not preferred much. Another reason for not having a different advantage over the Alexandrite and Diode method is that it is not preferred.