Cekmekoy Laser Epilation

Cekmekoy Laser Epilation

The laser epilation method developed with technology is now a method that both ladies and men are interested in. This method, which is applied to get rid of unwanted hair, is the most commonly used method because it gives much more permanent results than razor, wax, tweezers. Even if the ladies are perceived to be a problem of harmony, unwanted hair can sometimes turn into a problem among men. In males, unwanted hair problems are encountered in the hands, in the ear, and in the nose and in the chest area. In females, genital area, underarm, leg and upper lip are the regions where the most unwanted hair problems are experienced. Thanks to technology developed laser epilation devices can be applied in almost every area except sensitive areas of the body is saving a great deal of trouble. The application of laser epilation method is to incinerate the melanin pigment, which gives the hair coloring in the body, with laser beams principle is based on.


Cekmekoy Laser Epilation Operation

There are certain considerations when applying this method. In laser epilation applications, the frequency and duration of applications are determined by taking into consideration the characteristics such as skin color, hair color, structural condition. When the structural feature is taken into consideration, the point that is laid on is the output stage of the fur. In the body, the fur appears in three different stages, namely theanagen, cathogenetic and telogen. The hair grows actively during the anagen period, the first of these. The application of laser epilation is exactly the same as this rotation. Because hair follicles are developing on the skin to a size that is visible at this stage, sensitive laser devices can easily see hair follicles. Again depending on the structure of the person, depending on the structure of the data, the desire of the heat to send the sender to the body is adjusted. As a result of the high temperature, the pigment of the melanin which gives the hair color is destroyed and removed. Application the feathers reappear within about 10 days. In this second phase, feather roots that are more durable are still going on. After such a systematic application, successful outcomes are achieved, such as over 90% of the fur in about 4-8 sessions. However, factors such as the width of the region to which laser epilation is applied, hair resistance, skin color and hair color can increase the number of sessions.


Cekmekoy Laser Epilation Process

One of the most important concerns about laser epilation is that it gives pain and pain. Thanks to the developing technology, devices used for laser epilation are designed in a very modern way. Thanks to the cooler effect on the device, the sensation of pain and pain is extremely low. Of course, it will not have the same effect because each person’s pain threshold is different. However, this pain and suffering are reduced to a minimum due to the production of new generation technology of the devices. The laser epilation method to be applied in order to achieve a permanent and successful results of the center of the application and the practitioner of the expert is extremely important. This is the most important measure of being professional and experienced. In addition to having the new conditions in the center to be implemented, having a strong staff in laser epilation, degree is important. Occasionally unconscious laser epilation practices can cause permanent skin marks in people. To avoid such problems, the center to be selected and the specialist to be practiced must be determined with care. This is because the characteristics of the person to be treated must be well known in order to determine this desire to adjust the heat dose during administration. It is only done by a professional and expert person in his work