In the dermotherapy treatment, micro-channels that are not visible to the skin are opened by skin-stamping process. The herbal stem cell supplements prepared by this method are intended to be transmitted to the depths of the skin. Dermotherapy treatment is at least as successful as laser peeling, micro needle treatment, IPL and CO2 laser, chemical peeling. Very effective results are obtained in sun spots, lines and wrinkles, large pores, skin irregularities, pimple blemishes, small cut marks and hair loss.

In dermotherapy treatment, the required active ingredients can be sent at high density to the upper skin of the skin, which is more needed for root cells than the conventional injection.


How Does Stem Cell Therapy Affect Skin?

With the aid of rollers or mesotherapeutic agents, microscopic microvascular channels are opened in the skin. The platinum nanoclloid compound prepared in bulk cell solution and platinium nanocolloid generator appears as a highly effective antioxidant. The effect of this compound, which is formed when electroporation is used to provide easy access to the cells, is very high.

Stem cell treatment should not be confused with PRP (PlateletRichPlasma) treatment. In the treatment of PRP, blood is supplied to the cells in a different way, while stem cells are delivered to the cells by nanocolloids of their own stem cells obtained from the human neural cells. The difference between stem cells and plasma is that stem cells are identified as potent healing potentials and are described as “totipotent” cells (the ability to transform into any cell).




  • IGF – Insulin Growth Factor

It is very important for human life. Major tasks include repair of damaged cells, formation of bone, nerve and muscle tissues. The resistance to the pituitary, blood sugar and insulin slows down the aging process by bringing it back to normal.

  • FGF -Fibroblast Growth Factor It is a growth hormone associated with heparin for serving to support neuroectodermal, mesenchymal and endothelial cells. In the laboratory environment, various types of cells may be exposed to the proliferation of cells. The growth process of osteoblasts, fibroblasts, myoblasts, endothelial cells, neural cells, keratinocytes, chondrocytes, and some other cells. It has the ability to improve vitiligo generation in adults. The wounds heal.
  • EGF-Epidermal Growth Factor A protein that heals skin wounds and has a powerful visualization function. Clamps the wrinkles and increases skin resistance. Especially after cosmetic peeling, it heals the skin rapidly.
  • PDGF-Platelet Growth Factor Stimulates DNA synthesis and allows the collagen to combine with the protein. Delay and / or prevent pre-programmed cell apoptosis (death) in fibroblasts.
  • CGF-Keratinocyte Growth Factor It is an important task in hair growth. This role plays an active role in cell adhesion and proliferation. It has an effect on the healing of the wounds. It takes part in epithelial repair.
  • GLUTATION Protect the cells from free radicals. It has antioxidant properties. It is very useful against sun-induced aging (dermatoheliosis).
  • ARGIRELIN Botox function in full. It is found in the stems of the stem cells. It is the basic ingredient of anti-aging products of many famous cosmetics companies. Delay skin aging and reduce the depth of wrinkles. This material, which is an alternative to the boktoks without any side effects, has the task of preventing the formation of lines by reducing the wrinkles of facial muscles. There is no toxicity and human is completely harmless on the skin. The stem cell in the muscles that cause the wrinkles regulates the signaling program and increases the skin elasticity. By regulating catecholamine secretion, Delay. The motor blocks the signals sent to the muscle cells from the nerves, thus controlling these movements leading to wrinkles. The penetration of the skin is extremely good thanks to the construction of the micro peptide.


In Which Discomfort Should Stem Cell Therapy (Dermotherapy) Be Applied?

-The thin lines and wrinkles are gone,

– In the activation of hair roots and hair loss,

– In reducing skin stains,

– In removing acne and acne scars,

– In closing the skin cracks,

– It is successfully applied on detention bags.


Session Time and Number of Sessions
The duration of the session lasts approximately 30-90 minutes, depending on the width of the area to be treated. Since the number of sessions varies from person to person, an average of 2 to 6 sessions is sufficient, although not an exact number. Approximately 2 to 4 weeks between two sessions are predicted.