Hair Mesotherapy

Nowadays, many men, especially men, including many women, are faced with hair problems. Hair mesotherapy is one of the advanced methods of producing solutions for these troubles. With this treatment applied to the middle layer of the skin, the vitamins, minerals and proteins that hair needs are injected into the scalp. There are needles for this process which are very fine-tipped and only used for this process. It is said that vitamins or blessings feeding hair follicles in sheet metal mesotherapy are given to the roots of hair with special needles or injectors. They are given directly to the hair roots with 2 or 4 mm needles. Mesotherapy is not a method of removing hair, but rather a method of controlling to prevent and heal more. With this treatment, the tissues are revitalized and the metabolism is activated.


After the hair mesotherapy which is based on eliminating the deficiencies necessary for the hair, the hair is formed with brighter and more voluminous boron images. This method, which has little side effect or risk, is done by many people with confidence. In addition, the effect of hair mesotherapy appears to be noticeable in a short time. The operation of this method applied both to the woman and to the man is very comfortable and easy. Hair loss has different factors. In the case of hair loss caused by hormonal and genetic results, this method is applied as supportive bor on therapy.


Approximately 6 to 10 treatments are sufficient for hair mesotherapy, which allows the person to obtain a healthy appearance in their own hair. Of course, individual problems and characteristics determine the number of sessions. Each session takes about 40 minutes. The first 4 sessions are held once a week, and the sessions to be held are held once every fifteen days. During this time, about 4 sessions are completed.