Kozyatagı Laser Epilation

Kozyatagı Laser Epilation

Laser epilation method is the most frequently used epilation method due to the recent technological developments. It is aimed to get rid of unwanted hair permanently in a healthy manner thanks to the laser energy used by this method. The difference of laser lights from the light we know is that this light spreads straight across the body in a single wave. It is practiced on the skin with almost millisecond shots and absorbed by the melanin pigment. Thus, in the region where the application is made without harming the surrounding tissue, the light makes the hair grow thicker. Burning occurs as the hair roots are destroyed by the heat formed in the bristle root. With the laser epilation method, shaving, waxing, tweezing, and so on, are removed from the hairy area forever. It has become a frequently resorted method in our country in recent periods and very successful results are obtained. Laser epilation reality is a way of burning and destroying the unwanted hair in the body with the laser light penetrating the roots of the body.


Kozyatagı Laser Epilation Clinic Sessions

For laser epilation application one must be older than 12 years. Because individuals over the age of 12 are suitable for laser epilation. The application should be done mostly with FDA approved devices so that a healthy result should be achieved and side effects of the application should be removed. Laser epilation sessions range from 4 sessions to 12 sessions. The number of sessions is determined by factors such as skin color, hair color, and developmental period. As long as it is applied correctly, this method, which is no harm, achieves a success rate of 90% if it is done by paying attention to the thickness of the bristle and the density of the bristle. Choosing the right expert while applying the laser epilation method will provide both a successful result and side effects of the laser epilation. There are some factors that need to be considered when you have expert milk. First of all, face to face with expert before epilation a link of trust must be established between the expert who will be treated. Beginning epilation by learning about the experience and references of the expert in this subject will be positive for the person.


Kozyatagı Laser Epilation Method

Being informed about the beauty center or clinic where epilating will be done before applying the laser epilation method will also ensure positive results for the person. For this reason, it is necessary to have advance knowledge about the beauty center or general average of the clinic to be epilated. It is also important to consider that the environment is organized and hygienic. The most important thing to note about the specialist is that the specialist is doing the operation by considering factors such as skin color, hair color, development of the person who will make epilation. Questions about the expert as well as the curious questions about the center to be processed should be asked absolutely and satisfactory answers should be taken. One point of curiosity about the laser method is whether the method is painful or not. Although it is known as a painless method, it can be said that the laser epilation method is painful enough to be under the mediocre and can be overcome. Of course this there are some factors that will affect it. Having a very delicate skin can cause it to suffer partly. For this, a solution suggesting a solution that will relieve the pain from the center where laser epilation will be done again may be requested. Methods such as using local anesthesia or painkillers will prevent people with skin from suffering. If the body is swollen or reddened after laser epilation, applying it with ice to relieve it will relieve the pain. After laser epilation application, it is necessary to stay away from sunlight for 2 days.