Lıp Fıllıng

Lip fillings made for aesthetic purposes are made with extremely safe materials today. Lip fill made with a special substance does not cause any problems in health care. The material contained in a special injector is applied to the area to be treated with a fine needle, and there is no need for a test injection prior to operation so as not to cause an allergic effect. The greatest advantage of the operation is that it is applied quickly and the result is taken immediately. Since the material given to the body by the needle will be absorbed by the body after 6 or 8 months, the procedure needs to be repeated. Repeat operations do not cause any harm to the patient. Lipstick is preferred by many people today for an aesthetic facial appearance.


Lipstick personal psychology is the method used to fill painful discomforts. With this method, the lip is thickened to the desired size. Likewise, lip fill material is used for lip construction. For lip shaping, the same substance is used for patients’ wishes. For the unit or lip fold, the necessary material is used for filling. Lip fill provides a pleasing image from aesthetic pain and at the same time provides a youthful image. This treatment, which only works within hours and is healed in a very short time, is of particular interest to women.


Block anesthesia is applied for Lipstick operation. After a short period of operation, a swelling that lasts for about 24 hours can occur. Redness and swelling after treatment is improved within about 1 or 2 hours. In this way, everyone has the image they want in a short period of time. It is extremely important that the practice is carried out by a specialist, and it is necessary to be very careful in this regard.