Medical Skin Care

Medical Skin Care

Skin; sun rays, insufficient and unbalanced nutrition, prolonged illnesses, heavy use of medicines, hormone foods, smoking, adverse environmental conditions with time. In the course of the natural aging process, the hormonal and genetic factors last for life. Over time, intense lines, excessive wrinkles, color changes (brown spots, yellowing, red veinings) occur in the skin. Loosening of the skin begins and the loss of elasticity reaches a Grade that can be seen.


What are the Benefits of Skin Care?

It can be thought of as a treatment for skin care, regulating the skin’s function, receiving the basic deficiencies. Oily lubrication is a preventive measure against dryness and problems like acne. The skin helps delay the aging process. It regulates the circulation of the blood and provides the elimination of dead skin on the skin, which is the supporter of home-based care.



3D CanfieldVisia medical imaging method to evaluate the existing skin structure:

  • Identification of skin type,
  • Applying the cleaner according to the specified skin type,
  • Applying the most appropriate surface peeling to skin structure,
  • Applying a skin cleansing mask,
  • Cleaning of black spots, pores and komedons, • Pore tightening mask application,
  • A cold moisture mask to relax and calm the skin,
  • Eye mask application, massage with eye cream,
  • Massage massage to stimulate collagen production, During the waiting periods of the masks applied,
  • Decollete and neck and massage,
  • Hand and arm massage,
  • Massages are made to stimulate blood circulation.

Average duration of application is 100 minutes …