Prp Treatment

PRP is a treatment called Platelet Rich Plasma-platelet enriched plasma. In this procedure, the blood of the person is taken in a sterile environment. Once this has been done with the special devices, the blood is quickly subjected to a number of operations in a special device. In this process, the law takes away the round and the white circles. The blood entering the process with Prp therapy is rich in platelets. This blood, rich in platelets, is injected into the area to be treated with a process that takes about 30 minutes. Shortly after operation, it shrinks on the skin and reveals brightness and vitality. After this operation which is made for aesthetic purpose, serious changes in the skin occur.


While car operation is done for aesthetic purposes, it is applied to the face, neck, neck, or arm and legs. With Prp treatment applied to different parts of the body, the skin quickly renews itself and has a brilliant appearance. Especially after laser stripping procedures, treatment is extremely beneficial in deep self renewal. For decades, ultraviolet rays have been used to regulate wrinkles and to relieve depressions. This treatment is also used to control the wounds that will lead to long lasting healing and lasting tenderness.


Prp treatment is easily applied in cases where many people complain about such as casting of the sac. This treatment is also applied as a very effective boron method in the elimination of sediments that occur after hundreds of years in the face region. The number of this session increases with time when first 1 month per session is needed for treatment. After 3 or 4 treatments, the skin will become younger with 1 treatment per year. In addition, special curls will protect the appearance of the final appearance of the skin.