Regional Review

Velashape 3

·Velashape 3 is a new generation of approved FDA with its own discipline aiming at body shaping and cellulite problems.

·Velashape 3 is the most advanced device for reducing cellulite appearance and removal of regional oils without surgery and proving its results in a clinical setting.

·Velashape 3 has FDA approval for shrinking the diameter and reducing cellulite.

91% of women say they want to change or reduce their body. Most of the women have tried diet and exercise, but they still feel it is not enough. One of every three females is thinking about doing something other than diet and exercise to get rid of their fat.

VelaShape III is the perfect non-surgical method for the treatment of problem areas that cause women to be dissatisfied with their body images. VelaShape III offers repeatable body shaping therapy that delivers consistent results with a unique, easy to use, home-based, comfortable, deeply effective, advanced clinical protocols.

Syneron’s extensive experience in the development of effective body shaping devices and the research it has done have contributed to the superior success of the Velashape brand. With more than 10 years of clinical experience, more than ten clinical trials, more than 5 million independent treatments around the world, and more published articles than other aesthetic devices on the market, VelaShape is today the most renowned non-invasive body shaping device on the market.




· Regional thinning.

· Regional reduction in skin laxity and volume

· Decrease in cellulite appearance in abdomen, hips and legs

· Facial tightening Gastric zone tightening

What is Vela Shape 3? How does it work ?

Combining infrared light, radio frequency energy and vacuum, elos technology leads to the deep heating of fat cells surrounding connective tissue and underlying dermal collagen fibers. Such an effective heating and vacuum stimulates the growth of new and better collagen and elastin, thereby resulting in a general improvement in skin texture as skin laxity decreases, body volume shrinks.

How many centuries do I see locally?

Patients reported 1 to 3 cm regional thinning after treatment in clinical trials. A 97% patient satisfaction was seen in a new study in the postpartum group of patients.

Is Treatment Cure?

Most patients find VelaShape as comfortable as a warm deep tissue massage. This treatment is designed to adapt to your Grade of sensitivity and comfort. It is normal to experience a feeling of warmth for several hours after treatment. Your skin may look red for a few hours.

How Fast Do You Notice The Change?

After the first treatment, the area of ​​the skin in the treated area appears to be smoother and firmer, and the treated area appears to be better than its old counterpart.

VelaShape 3 Cellulite Treatment and Body Shaping 

The “cellulite” seen in females is manifested by the appearance of deep skin and orange peel. There are many reasons for cellulite formation and weight gain, and treatments must be planned specifically for the person. The circulatory defect following ingestion is the main cause of cellulite. For this reason, especially when the causes of regional fatigue are removed, you can prevent the formation of new cellulite and weaken it.

VelaShape III is an FDA approved, non-surgical technology that can reshape the body as a tired solution, such as grease, cellulite, sagging, etc. The VelaShape III is a FDA-approved, non-surgical technology that can heal cellulite and shape the body with regional thinning.

Especially in the hips, legs and abdomen, VelaShape’s secret; it is the first and only technology that combines vacuum and tissue manipulation with the aid technology to reduce the appearance and the volume of fat tissues. ValeShape III technology combines 4 different systems to reduce skin loosening, reduce volume and improve overall skin texture; Radio frequency, vacuum, infrared and mechanical massage …

Rate Your Cellulitis!

Grade 1 Cellulite: When you tighten with your hand, there is pitting.

Grade 2 Cellulite: Only pitting occurs at certain positions.

Grade 3 Cellulite: Pitting is visible at every downturn. (standing & lying)


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Skin Tension and Rejuvenation with Multipolar Radio Frequency

The main element of connective tissue, which gives tension to our skin, durability and vitality, some wrinkles and sagging occur in the skin due to deterioration or diminution over time.

Radio Frequency reestablishes wear and tear of the collagen, restoring tension and vitality to the skin.


Radio Frequency

. In eliminating the lines and wrinkles in the face,

. In the obstruction of the hanging in the head and neck region,

. in reducing cellulite
. In the elimination of the horizontal bands formed in the longitudinal direction,

Radio Frequency Technology not only in superficial tissues, but more importantly, it provides visual and structural changes in the fatty tissues of the skin deep. By accelerating the functioning of metabolism, it releases more oil to fat cells, resulting in hard, stubborn and localized fat and cellulite formation.

The cavitation method achieves visible success in reducing regional thinning and cellulite formation. The cavitation system operates on the basis that the accumulated fat tissue is melted and shaped from the outside of the skin by reinforced ultrasound. On the other hand, the lack of a surgical operation increases the comfort of the procedure. What is Ultracavitation System? How does it work?

The ultrasound system is a method of fighting non-surgical, regional lubrication and cellulolysis. The ultrasound applied to the outer skin of the skin results in high and sudden pressure changes in the fluid of the fat tissue. As a result, the foaming that occurs is firstly an expansion, then an explosion effect. This effect, given in cavitation; liquefying the oil damages the walls of the cells, disturbing the structure of the storage oils. The fat cells found in this tissue and the fatty acids that are released at the end of the process are cleaved and removed from the blood vessels through the lymphatic channels. These oils, which come in free form, are thrown away by burning in the muscles or through the liver and the urinary system.


Is the operation pain and painful?

The ultrasound method is an ultrasound process that is extremely safe and completely painless, enhanced and activated by special software. No surgical procedure is required. There may be a low temperature for a few hours after operation. During the process, there is a high buzzing sound heard only by the person performing the process, after which the sound is also interrupted.


Is Ultrasavigation Method Different From Liposuction? So what are the advantages?

Essentially, abdominoplasty (liposuction) or liposuction is an entirely scientific alternative that promises the highest grades of success that medicine can achieve, along with developing technology for people seeking non-surgical solutions, except where they need to. Although careful and careful, the corrugations are a common complication of liposuction. When applied as a liposuctionlocal weight loss method, only a part of the real problem is solved because only excess fat is taken in that region. When the weight is taken back again in the long term (as the age progresses), irregular swellings can be seen and as a result, aesthetic operations remain in place.

This new state of  the ultra cavitation device is one of the most effective weapons offered by us, especially for selective ultrasonic technology that acts on fat tissues. In short, the days when the liposuction method will be preferred is much more thanks to this developed cavitation technology.


This App Is Suitable For Men?

The operation can be easily applied to men. In this system, there is no discrimination between men and women.


What to do after operation? When are the results seen?

It does not require any special nutritional or sports supplement, but adds to the fat lost through more food operation, relying on the practice. We see from time to time that this practice is made false to those who are made. Nevertheless, after ultraviolet light to burn off the liberated fatty acids and store the regenerated infestations, no special effort is required in a nutrition and regular spore that is appropriate for the age and body structure. From the first session of the operation, there is a visible softening in the problematic region and a feeling of hardening and shrinking immediately afterwards. The undeniable effective results occur after the 10th day.


Ultra Cavitation Benefits:

  • Extremely safe and totally painless
    • Automatic parameters
    • Results comparable to liposuction
    • Long-term and lasting effects
    • Cellulite and fat splitting activity
    • Ease of Use


Who can not apply?

  •   For those with coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes,
    • Those who are pregnant or who are pregnant,
    • In case of dermatitis or wound in the operation area, • In the case of metal prosthesis in the operation area,
    • No operation to people who have acute or chronic diseases or severe pathological changes.