Skın Care

The main aim of skin care  is to being cleaned  the pores, to provide oxygen to the skin, to give shine, freshness and freshness, and to eliminate toxins with lymph drainage.Skin care is an operation that lasts 1-1.5 hours.It is recommended to practice once a month in order to protect skin against external factors and years of wear. Medical specialists and aestheticians apply for recommend medical products to help your skin regenerate damaged and dead cells while at the same time helping to form healthy and new cells.



    A) Oily Skin Care


Do not use hard detergent soaps or alcohol-containing products to dry the skin on the skin.Such products can cause intense skin damage and can further stimulate the production of already very active sebaceous glands.It is recommended that you try an oil-binding liquid or gel cleaner specially prepared for oily skin.You should avoid super-oily soaps with ingredients such as cocoa butter cleansing creamy lanolin.


If you think your skin is in need, use moisturizers that hold water such as sodium pyrrolidone, carboxy acid and glycerin.This type of material  helps to keep water in your skin without causing oily shine.


Oily Skin Rules

Everyone wants a shiny skin, but nobody wants this shine to be oil-based. Consider it:  When you take your hand your forehead, you can easily feel the greasy texture.Just pull your hand away from your forehead. In the summer, things become even more unpleasant.The amount of fat produced by the skin along with the heat increases.It is not nice to spend the writing on a surface shining from the oil.Well, what can you do in this situation? Here are some recommendations:

1.Use a very light gel product to clean your skin. Cream-based cleansers can leave some residue on your skin. These remnants also cause an oily appearance.

2. Do not wash your face more than 2 times a day. Washing your skin too much can cause it to dry quickly. In this case too, the skin releases more oil than usual.

3.You should absolutely use tonic. Note, however, that the tonics you use are not alcohol-based. Because alcoholic tonic creates dry skin. You should be careful to use a tonic that uses substances of the same type as those of similar types of tonic (hamamelis) or similar. You should use the Tony immediately after the jelly we recommend in the first article.

4. Do not neglect to use tanning oil. Again, it is useful to use creamy gels.

5. You should avoid moisturizing foundations. Foundations for advanced ages are often over-moisturized. For this reason, it may contain oil. You should choose formulas that do not contain oil instead of these foundations.

6.Use powder. You will apply it on foundation so that a translucent powder of foundation will remain on your skin for a longer time without deterioration and prevents oily appearance.

7.You can use specially produced paper to absorb excess oil in the skin. You should not overdo it too much. Because when you use excess powder, fine lines may form on your face. This creates a heavier makeup appearance than it is.

8.Make a mask. A clay-based mask cleans the skin’s pores once or twice a week.

9.If your skin is too oily, you should choose your makeup materials from powders. The powdery blusher and headlight remain on your skin much longer.

10.If you see that your skin is getting greasy and swollen out, see your doctor.

11.Use a greasy sunscreen at least every 15 days

12.Do not rub your skin too much and brush it. The oil is in the protective role of the skin.

13.It is recommended that you do not clean your skin more than two times a day.

14.Do not use a humidifier if you do not need it.

15.To dissolve the oil, do not keep your skin powdered, this will lead to a chalky look on your skin.



Prefer non-greasy, water-based foundations. Or use powder-drying powders and foundations. There are benefits to using powder blushes.

B) Dry Skin Care

  1. Dry Skin Structure

It is the most common skin type.Basically two things are missing in dry bindings, oil and moisture.Only the presence of oil is not enough for skin moisturization.However, a sufficient amount of oil layer surrounding the water-holding cells helps to maintain long-term skin nourishment.

  1. Appearance

It has very fine pore structure. When you touch the skin, you get a rough and dry feeling. The makeup you make looks dull and dry. Especially thin lines can be seen on the periphery of the mouth and eye edges. There’s a lot of flaking on the skin.

  1. Causes

The reasons for this situation are; the use of astringents with alcohol, the preference of alkaline soap, the cleaning with dry masks and brushing, the washing with skin with extreme hot water. The environmental factors are; wind, cold, low humidity, excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation and sun exposure, long-term thirst. With all this, the share of aging is great.

  1. What can you do for your skin health?

If you have a dry skin, you should use the most appropriate cosmetic ingredients. For abundant water (at least 5 cups) in order to remove the foundation on the skin. After washing your face with plenty of water, you should definitely use a moisturizer. Do not wash your face with traditional soaps, milk, jellies or special face wash products.