Skın Care

It is very important for men or women to perform beauty care and health care professionally. Depending on the type of skin and the materials used for the skin, the desired result is achieved with the skin care made with different methods. Skin treatments of different methods start with the skin being cleaned. Operations such as tanning, peeling, stabbing, mask operation, eye perimeter and face serum operation and intensive moisturizing are applied in skin care. For people over 30 or 35 years old, skin care is applied as anti-aging treatment. This care is in the form of needle-free botox and crossing deep lines.


In order to maintain and further increase the elasticity of the skin, collagen care is performed. This type of study is decided after the skin analysis performed on the individuals. But in the standard, skin care is not done with this kind of operation, skin care should be applied according to the necessity. Gold care is the maintenance done for the skin using 2 carat gold. After this method applied to the skin with gold, the stains on the skin disappear and an intense moistening of the skin occurs. Acne treatment is among the skin care methods. Acne type should be examined for acne treatment besides the skin type of the person. Stain treatment is one of the skin care methods that are used to remove the subsequent skin stains.


Chemical peeling is one of the most frequently preferred skin care methods especially by ladies. Skin peeling method with fruit acids is called chemical peeling. This is a method that helps to remove the stains on the skin while at the same time helping to thoroughly clean the skin.