Umraniye Laser Epilation

Umraniye Laser Epilation

The laser epilation method has recently been the first choice for relieving unwanted hair. In this method, the laser light is absorbed by the pigment of the melanin which gives the black color by penetrating the hair roots, and the hair is destroyed as the hair root is destroyed. The laser epilation method, which has been widely applied in our country since the 1990s, continues its continuity as a method that gives more painless and lasting results with today’s technology. The laser epilation method, which is a more painless method than the other methods and produces more lasting results, has made technological improvements and relieved many women about unwanted hair. With the addition of coolant technology to the devices used in the laser epilation method, the feeling of pain and pain was almost completely eliminated.

Umraniye Laser Epilation Clinic Sessions

Laser epilation method is a method applied in the form of sessions. The implementation phase of the operation is in progress. First of all, the hair on the unwanted region is shortened with razor blade. However, it should not be destroyed by methods that take the fur from the undesirable region like a wax. After the neck of the unwanted hair is shortened, the hair roots are scanned by the epilation device and the laser beams are sent. The rays destroy the hair follicles in the area. There are a number of points to note before applying. The laser epilation method is applied considering the color of hair like you. Again, according to the skin color and hair color of the person’s device is determined correctly. Accordingly, the laser beam to be applied is adjusted in full. In order for the process to be successful, these factors are evaluated as a whole and the implementation of the process in the direction of the obtained results provides a success of 90%. This operation During each of the regions, different dust is set. The width of the region to be processed affects the duration of the process. It is the size of the area to be treated which affects the duration of the laser epilation operations, which last for approximately 5 minutes to 2 hours. Operations are usually made between 6 and 12 Clinic Sessions. The number of sessions varies according to the size of the person’s color, hairy color and the areas to be practiced.

Umraniye Laser Hair Epilation Operation

After laser epilation operation, hair roots are burned and destroyed. However, since the hair does not have 100% hair roots in the area where it is applied, the hair grows again after about 10 days. In these extended feathers, weak roots are spilled and more robust roots remain. In every practice, the roots are made weaker and almost all of their hair after 12 sessions is destroyed. Exposure to sunlight for two days after laser epilation can be inconvenient. It is absolutely necessary to stay away from the sun rays, especially after the practices of the exposed areas of the body